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Rell Rydes


We exist to offer Innovative Logistics and Supply Chain Services. Our goal is to improve the capabilities of our clients and partners through various supply chain solutions ensuring that they focus on their core competencies while we manage their supply chain(s) activities through our services.

About Us

About Us

We Are Logistics Itself

Wherever you are in any stage of the supply chain, RELL exists to add value to your organisation by enabling those processes that are appropriate for your organisation and business models.

— Our Clients —

United Nations - World Food Programme
United Nations - World Food Programme
Chemonics International/SAII Associates
Chemonics International/SAII Associates
Clinton Health Access Initiative
Clinton Health Access Initiative
Axios Foundations Nigeria
Axios Foundations Nigeria
Heartland Alliance International
Heartland Alliance International
Mercy Corps
Mercy Corps


Haulage and Distribution

(Long Haul and Last Mile)

RELL engages in sustainable distribution of various commodities (Health commodities, Cold and Non-cold chain dependent items, Equipment and Other durables, Agricultural products, General goods etc) via varied means of transportation depending on the kind of commodities and lead times given for commodities to arrive the right destinations. Irrespective of the volume of commodities and distance, we ensure that items are delivered as directed and also provide Good in Transit insurance to cover against any incidents that seldom occur during our delivery services

Logistics Management Information System

LMIS refers to a system of records and reports — whether paper-based or electronic — used to aggregate, analyse, validate and display data (from all levels of the logistics system) that can be used to make logistics decisions and manage the supply chain.

In RELL, we do not just manage these records at different levels of your supply chain, we design, deploy and develop key performance indicators that ensure that LMIS at different organisations are functioning optimally. The key point of our activity is the simplicity with information management and tracking still in line with standards permissible by the Government of Nigeria and other quality standards


The layman sees procurement in organisations as a department or a process that just organizes the needs of individuals or processes and then carryout out some bulk buying.

In RELL, the principle is different, we create value through our procurement services by evaluating the needs of our clients before sourcing for items that are needed, we can also plan supplies such that routinely required items are always available. In addition, we add value by managing suppliers of our clients’ commodities through laid down standards in our procedures and KPIs to track various procurement indicators we have in place. Beyond this, we ensure commodities are always bought at the right price.

Freight Forwarding
and Clearing

RELL serves in the capacity of a clearing agent to organise shipments for individuals or corporations to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market, customer or any stated holding (warehouse) or distribution point.


We source for innovative products and franchises with strong potentials from manufacturers or companies to market their goods especially at wholesale in particular areas. We also source for services that will improve our clients’ businesses and make this our business concern.

Supply Chain Consulting
and Training Services

Most personnel at RELL are certified trainers and as members of International Association of Public Health Logisticians, we have access to an array of professionals willing to offer supply chain consulting services and training in various domains within supply chain management.

Warehouse Management

We manage warehouses for clients optimizing existing physical assets and equipment as well as the implementation of warehouse management system (WMS) to supports the day-to-day operations in a warehouse. WMS programs enable centralized management of tasks such as tracking inventory levels and stock locations

Supply Chain
Technology Products

(Goods Tracking and Electronic Proof of Delivery)

At RELL we believe technology can simplify supply chain management to enable our clients’ businesses operate efficiently, give them more visibility and control over inventory as well as reduce operational costs. To this end, we have developed and are currently developing applications to manage storage, distribution and delivery tracking – Electronic Proof of Delivery, Routing and Mapping, RFID and Big Data to improve supply chain practice in Nigeria


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Suite 006 Shashilga Court
Plot 111 & 112 Sector Centre A, Eden Rd
Jahi, Kado, Abuja,

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